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Top Notch Welding Services

Our welding shop is outfitted with state of the art equipment prepared for any welding and fabrication situation. When you need a welder Tallahassee can count on, this is the shop for you. The next time you search for “welding near me,” consider calling Welding Tallahassee to provide all the welding services you need.

"It is hard to find quality service without forking over an arm and a leg. It was refreshing to have a weld job done by this shop and not have to re-mortgage my home. Very affordable rates and high quality service, highly recommend using this shop."

- Ben Shannon


When people are asked, “where can I find welding services near me?” Welding Tallahassee is always at the top of the list. We have a wide array of welding and fabrication services available, more than any other welding companies in Tallahassee FL. Our welders have trained in many different conditions so they are prepared for any challenge that may come through our shop. When you need the best services from a Tallahassee welding company, you call our shop!

Mobile Welding Services

We have been providing mobile welding Tallahassee FL since our shop opened. We understood the pitfalls that happen out at job sites or at your home and the need for mobile welders was imminent. Our welders have been trained in many welding processes that allow them to handle any job out in the field. We have state of the art welders and equipment to ensure you receive the best possible services. The next time you need “mobile welders near me,” Welding Tallahassee is just a phone call away from being at your doorstep!

Residential Welding

Many projects around the home are easy for the typical homeowner to handle. But other times the job requires you to call a contractor. When you need quality welding contractors for those pesky home repairs or builds, you can count on the experienced staff at Welding Tallahassee. There is no job too small or too large for us to handle, so we are excited to continue expanding our mobile welding services into the residential sector.

Welding Repair

When you already have a beautiful piece of metal architecture and just want to revive it to its former glory, you call our shop. We have repaired a myriad of different metal types and our welding trucks are equipped with all of the necessary welders and tools required for any type of welding repair.

Metal Fabrication

The next time you find yourself searching for “metal fabrication near me,” save your efforts and just call Welding Tallahassee! Our welders can turn a pile of metal into a functional product. Submit your own drawings or design through our website or email, or we can provide shop drawings to turn your idea into life. Our largest contributor to the metal fabrication sector is our custom handrail design. We can handle any plot of land, with any environment, and any structure to fabricate beautiful handrails and ledging that showcase your company.

Commercial Welding

Our welding contractors Tallahassee FL have experienced hundreds of commercial projects and worked with dozens of general contractors. They have experience with a variety of different structural, architectural, and pipe welding for large scale projects. When contractors search for “welding companies near me,” they find Welding Tallahassee always delivers quality work.

About Welding Tallahassee FL

We have the best welder Tallahassee has to offer for every type of welding service we provide. Aside from the highest quality welding product output, we also strive to provide exemplary customer service for every single customer. Where other welding companies in Tallahassee lack in communication, we always ensure you are up to date with all aspects of your welding project or job. We have found great success through solid communication and from our shop standards. Our shop operates under a couple basic principles:

  1. Never cut corners. No matter what project or job we are working on, our Tallahassee welding shop always adheres to high product standards. Whether we are fabricating or welding, our staff are determined to provide the highest quality work they can for every customer.

  1. Provide an open dialogue throughout the entire transaction. We have always established that communication is very important when it comes to the customer's satisfaction. Too often we have seen customers at other shops be left in the dark or get surprise charges they had no idea they were paying for. We keep you in the loop at all times.

We have found that customers really appreciate our attention to detail and communication skills. We value the customers opinion and satisfaction, and they value our service. We have seen an influx of returning customers as the years go on and we are so thankful for the support from our community. We love welding and we love serving the community that is so supportive!

Why Choose Our Metal Fabrication Tallahassee FL Shop?

Here at Welding Tallahassee our steel fabricators are committed to excellence. We hold every job to our established high standards, and our welders thrive in this type of situation. We periodically administer custom weld tests just to ensure their skills are sharp. This typically pushes them to do better than their coworkers and turn it into a competition. Many of our welders have completed numerous AWS (American Welding Society) welding certifications with a variety of welding processes. Some of the equipment they have been certified on include:

  1. Stick Welder - Also known as SMAW (Shielded Metal Arc Welding) a majority of our welders have obtained their 3G and 4G carbon steel welding certification. Our stick welders use this process for extreme climates and conditions due to its resistance to wind and other variables.
  2. MIG Welder (Metal Inert Gas) - This process is excellent for most jobs. Our welders have used this for pipe welding, structural, architectural, and custom metal fabrication Tallahassee FL.
  3. Spot Welder - Typically used in auto body automation manufacturing facilities, a spot welder is an excellent tool for sheet metal. We occasionally get sheet metal projects that require this piece of equipment so our welders practice with it often to keep their skills sharp.
  4. TIG Welder (Tungsten Inert Gas) - The most difficult welding process to learn, our welders have a lot of experience using this process. We typically use this process for pipe welding, technical welding, and sometimes handrail fabrication.

The proficiencies our welders have on the listed equipment is just another reason customers keep coming back to our shop for services. We have been providing the best metal fabrication Tallahassee FL for many years and are thankful every time we see a familiar face walk through the door.

tallahassee welder
tallahassee metal fabrication

We strive to give back to this giving community anyway we can through our services and love to see the smile on someone's face when we turn their sketches into a 3D work of art. To find out what the Welding Tallahassee experience is like, use one of our many outlets to reach out for a free estimate. We offer a submittal form on our website, give us a call, email your drawings, or stop by the shop to say hi!

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What to Expect From Our Tallahassee Metal Fabrication Shop

We hold our welders to high quality standards on every job no matter how small or large. Our customers have grown to appreciate our dedication to maintaining high quality work for them. Although we have a wide variety of services, our quality does not lack any of them. When you come in or reach out for welding services you can always expect to receive high quality work. We have made it easy for customers to get reliable customer service at any time during the day. A typical transaction happens like below:

  • You request a quote from one of our fine services through drawings or a written/spoken narrative explaining the necessary work
  • We interpret your design or narrative and establish a base cost for parts and labor.
  • We promptly reach out to you to verify the expected work to be done and the costs associated with that work.
  • If you accept the terms then we get to work!
  • The welder or fabricator has several stages to complete a welding job or project. It includes procuring the necessary sections of metal or repair site. Then they need to prep all the intended weld surfaces through sanding or grinding. Then the fabrication process begins and they start welding.
  • After the job is done we inspect the welding or product to ensure all drawing specifications have been met.
  • You come by the shop to pick up your part (or head to the area of welding at your job site) and inspect for abnormalities. If anything looks off we will gladly fix it until it is up to par.
  • Another happy customer is served!

We hold our welders to high quality standards on every job no matter how small or large. Our customers have grown to appreciate our dedication to maintaining high quality work for them. Although we have a wide variety of services, our quality does not lack any of them. When you come in or reach out for welding services you can always expect to receive high quality work. We have made it easy for customers to get reliable customer service at any time during the day. A typical transaction happens like below:

About Tallahassee FL

First established under the spanish empire during the 17th century, Tallahassee comes from the old language muskogean and roughly translates to “old fields” or “old town” partly due to the large patches of land cleared out about the Apalachee. More recently, Tallahassee Florida became the capital of the state of Florida back in 1824. And today it currently has a population of around 200,000 residents making it just the 7th largest city in Florida.

Tallahassee has a lot of natural and man made beautiful scenery that makes it a desirable tourist destination. For the outdoors type of person they have the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge which has hundreds of acres of land and water habitating a wide range of creatures.

Or take yourself indoors to the Tallahassee Antique Car Museum, Museum of Florida History, or Florida Historic Capitol Museum. Nestled in north central Florida, Tallahassee is the main hub between Panama City and Jacksonville, but there are many cities in between such as:

  • Bradfordville, FL
  • Capitola, FL
  • Quincy, FL
  • Okeechobee, FL
  • Midway, FL
  • Woodville, FL
  • Monticello, FL
  • Many other surrounding areas

Welding and Fabrication Frequently Asked Questions

What does a welder do?

A welders primary job is to fuse pieces of metal together and create a functional product or repair out of those pieces of metal. Using an electrode with extremely high heat the welder is able to melt the pieces and use filler metal to fuse them together.

Can you Weld Copper?

Yes we can weld copper and a variety of other exotic metals. This is a very difficult metal to weld which requires a professional welder to accomplish a solid weld. We recommend bringing in any job that requires exotic metals like copper.

Is it easy to become a welder?

Welding is a fairly difficult profession that requires hundreds of hours of practice before you can start laying down some clean beads. If you are expecting to “stack dimes” then you can expect to have 1000+ hours of fieldwork to be proficient enough to do that.

" I prefer my interactions to be short, sweet, and to the point. The staff at Welding Tallahassee was so jovial and helpful I could not help staying on the phone. They provided me more than enough information to get me a proper quote and prepare for the next job."

- Matt Helm

" The quality of the welds were unbelievable. If i did not come by their shop to pick up my bumper I would have thought they just ordered this online or had it machine weld. But I could clearly see they had many welders that knew what they were doing. "

- Patrick W.

Contact Us Today

We have been providing the best welding services Tallahassee FL for many years. We have the most welding services out of any other welding shops in Tallahassee FL. Having all of our welders trained and certified on a variety of welding processes has allowed us to be successful in providing any welding service possible.

When you need a Tallahassee welder that can handle any situation and has experience with every type of welding process, you call Welding Tallahassee. When you need “welders near me,” then you have found the right place. Our schedules are constantly filling up and we are seeing new and returning faces every day, so if you have plans for a welding project anytime soon do not hesitate to reach out for a free estimate.

Here at Welding Tallahassee we have a variety of options for receiving a free quote. You can submit through our website submission tool, call our shop, email, or stop by in person to talk about all things welding and fabrication!

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